Jan Jørgen de Vries (swingcoach)

Jørgen has been my swing coach my whole career. He knows my game inside and out. In recent years, Jørgen worked as a Professional in Spain, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium and Ukraine. It's hard to find anyone with more knowledge of the golf swing than Jørgen.

Dani Colomar (shortgame coach)

I met Dani several years ago on the Czech PGA Tour. During this time he was professional at Golf Club Kunětická Hora. For the first time I started working with Dani at the Czech Masters in 2014, he helped me with my bunker play and chipping. He currently works with many (Spanish) top players including Sergio Garcia. After some time working in Madrid at the prestigious Real Club Puerta de Hierro he now works at Club de Campo del Mediterraneo in Castellon. During the season I will see and work with Dani on all parts of my short game.

Rob van Dam (mental coach)

Rob is a psychologist (MSc) with over 15 years experience in the field of psychological assesment, development and mental coaching. His coaching is aimed at making professionals achieving better results, enabling them to bring out their best performance.

I met Rob through my brother Alain who recommended him to me. We started working on my shortgame and the first positive results are already visible. Rob himself a 15 handicapper has guided me through the transition from the long to the short (conventional) putter. I am very pleased with our cooperation. 

Rob you can find on: www.123rob.nl  

Edwin Purvis (physiotherapist)

Edwin is a former professional football player who played 309 games for FC Den Haag. He runs Physiotherapy Bezuidenhout on the Bezuidenhoutseweg in the Hague. A few years ago I was advised to go to Edwin when I had pain in my lower back. Edwin, himself an avid golfer, has helped me, both with treatment and advice!

More about Edwin you can find on: www.purvispraktijk.nl